About NPG.


The National Pathology Group is an independent group of pathologists.

The objectives of the group are to:
  • Promote the practice and professional interests of both clinical and anatomical pathology.
  • Promote the use of pathology as a diagnostic tool to both the medical profession and the lay public.
  • Establish professional relationships amongst pathologists and with medical aid schemes, public and private institutions, government authorities, the life insurance industry and university medical schools.
  • Promote the establishment and maintenance of acceptable standards in respect of pathology education and practice in South Africa.
  • Assist in the promotion of good health practices within the population.

Membership is open to
  • a specialist practitioner who is registered as a specialist pathologist with the Health Professions Council of the country in which the member practices;
  • agrees to comply with the code of conduct and the guidelines;
  • complies with other requirements laid down by the Executive Committee from time to time;
  • pays the Group subscription fee

If you are a pathologist but you are not a member of the NPG and would like to join up, click here