About NPG.


Requirements for membership of the NPG are:

A medical practitioner who is:
  • registered as a specialist pathologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)
  • a paid-up member of the South African Medical Association (SAMA); and
  • one who pays the application and/or subscription fee and
    • who, whilst not excluding other conditions, shall include compliance with the terms and conditions of the code of conduct and the guide to utilisation, and
    • agrees to comply with the requirements regarding the giving of evidence before peer review procedures as set out in the code of conduct and guide to utilisation.
  • Willing to comply with the other requirements laid down from time to time by the Executive Committee of the NPG shall be entitled to apply for membership of the Group.


A person wishing to become a member shall:
  • complete an application form in which he or she shall be proposed and seconded as a member by two full members in good standing; and
  • submit proof of his/her registration as specialist pathologist with the HPCSA and membership of SAMA with his/her application; and
  • pay the prescribed fees.
An applicant whose application has been approved by a majority of the Executive Committee of the Group shall be entitled to have his/her name entered into the register of members to be kept by the Executive Committee.

Termination of Membership

Every member shall remain a member of the Group until his/her membership is terminated:
  • by his/her resignation, in writing, addressed to the Secretariat of the Group;
  • by a decision of the Executive Committee of the Group; provided that:
    • such decision has been taken only after procedurally fair administrative action;
    • reasons for such decision are given;
    • the decision is justifiable in relation to the reasons given.
  • by failing to pay the annual subscription within two months of the account being rendered;
  • in terms of Part D of the Code of Conduct.