What Pathologist do?


What has the National Pathology Group (NPG) done for you?

The efforts of the NPG have been directed towards positive intervention in the following areas: utilisation, ethics, information, standards of laboratory practice.

The NPG represents almost all private pathology laboratories in South Africa (215 members).It is the official subgroup of the SAMA, representing pathology

The NPG acts as a conduit for communication between interested parties, such as the Board of Healthcare Funders, and its members.


    Utilisation of laboratory services is driven by the CLINICAL DOCTOR, either a GP or a specialist physician, who is privy to the patient's complaints and clinical condition.
    • Request form design standardisation.
    • Specific prescription of restriction on tests
    • Specific guidelines for test protocols.
    • Standardisation of billing protocols.
    • Group tests, prescription of those acceptable.
    • Publishes clinical guides to laboratory utilisation and clinical investigative protocols.
    • Published The Guide to Utilisation for pathologist members and funders.
    • A Code of Conduct was drawn up in consultation with Profs. SA Strauss, UNISA & Von Oosten, UP.
    • Interaction with Medical and Dental Professions Board regarding ethical issues.
    • Works with HPCSA on pathology issues and point of care issues.
    • Proposed and supported request that pathology becomes a pure referral speciality.
    • Submits detailed annual information to Funders regarding pathology practice.
    • Submits pathology accounts to funders on EDI.
    • Members publish current antibiotic sensitivities
    • Members partake in infection control protocols.
  • The NPG encourages SANAS accreditation of laboratory standards to international levels.

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